Profesional Services

Why choose us
Our team

Constructive Solutions has a strong track record in delivering infrastructure and environmental projects. Our capabilities have been externally recognised for projects we have designed and project managed, receiving awards from Engineers Australia, IPWEA and the NSW Shires Association.

Our expertise
  • Project Management
  • Environmental Assessments (SEE, REF, EIS).
  • Traffic Engineering (including Traffic Impact Assessments and Road Safety Audits).
  • Design Services (including road, bridge, drainage, water supply, wastewater and waste services infrastructure)
  • Tender and Contract Administration
  • Local Government Engineering
Our clients
  • Local Government
  • State Government
  • Resource Industry
  • Private Sector Clients

Our work encompasses a wide variety of projects across Australia.

Our promise

We provide professional services in a personal, ethical and honest Provide professional services in personal, ethical and honest manner that meet or exceed client expectations in terms of time performance and technical adequacy.

Furthermore, Constructive Solutions is able to offer the following benefits:

Professional, rural based, team members who have worked with a variety of clients, who able to adjust their approach depending on client needs.

A substantial record of experience by our nominated project team members in RMS/TfNSW projects, resource company projects, local government projects and multi-disciplinary commissions.

An appreciation of and experience in overcoming many of the potential issues associated with civil design.

A comprehensive approach which fully integrates the site assessments, consultation outcomes and planning work streams.

An experienced team, which has established communication and technical planning interfaces with many public authorities to fulfil project objectives.

Backup for all key positions with professional personnel of similar experience and technical skills.

A quality system to ensure that high quality deliverables are provided to clients.

A firm commitment to customer service, harmonious working relationships and value for money.

Constructive Solutions Policies

  • Quality Policy

Constructive Solutions personnel are committed to quality in all aspects of their work. We are committed to constantly seek innovative and more effective ways of doing things. Our Quality Policy can be viewed here.

  • Health Safety and Environment Policy

The welfare of our personnel and the public is the priority of Constructive Solutions. We believe that all accidents are preventable, and that a good health and safety philosophy in the workplace equals good business. Our Health Safety and Environment Policy can be viewed here.

Third Party Certification

Constructive Solutions are Third Party Certified to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems and ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

Professional Services Panel

We are a member of the following professional services panels:

NSW Procurement – Performance and Management Services.

NSW State Water Environmental Panel.

Local Government Procurement (NSW).

Local Buy (QLD).

Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads – Engineering Consultants Scheme.

Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads – Contract Administration.

Transport for NSW – Technical Services Scheme.

Transport for NSW – Infrastructure Audit Panel.

Armidale Regional Council – Provision of Professional Services.

Broken Hill City Council – Project Management Services.

Midcoast Council – Professional Services.

Tamworth Regional Council – Project Management Services.

Toowoomba Regional Council – Transport Planning, Civil Design and Construction Management and Design Services.

Tenterfield Shire Council – Professional Services.

Toowoomba Regional Council – Various Project and Commercial Advisory Services.

Upper Hunter Shire Council – Supply of Services.