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We have a proven track record in delivering effective project outcomes within the agreed time frames to the specified budget.

Project Management

We have a proven track record in delivering effective project outcomes within the agreed time frames to the specified budget. We adopt a methodical approach to project management, utilising our Integrated Management System to assist personnel with the overall management of the projects we are responsible for. Focal points of each project, regardless of size include:

  • Project Inception

    We ensure the project brief will deliver the desired outcomes for our clients, and confirm expectations clients have of Constructive Solutions.

  • Reviewing

    Review project outputs and performance to ensure project objectives are achieved throughout all project stages.

  • Monitoring

    Scrutinize performance of workers and sub-contractors, provide feedback, resolve issues and monitor budget performance.

  • Communication

    Frequently engage with clients, stakeholders and any sub-contractors to keep all parties informed of project progress, through formal communication protocols as necessitated by the project.

Tender and Contract Administration

We can provide clients with a full service with regards to tenders and contract including:

Preparation of tender documentation.

Administration of the tender process including pretender meetings and responses to RFIs

Tender assessment and recommendation to clients for award.

  • Act as Superintendent’s Representative or Principal’s Authorised Person’s Delegate for the client.

  • Provide advice and recommendations to the Superintendent or Principal’s Authorised Person.

  • Complete a photographic record of the site.

  • Act as client representative to the relevant government agencies.

  • Complete required reporting to the Superintendent or Principal’s Authorised Person.

  • Confirm that all preconstruction activities and approvals have been satisfied by the contractor prior to the commencement of construction.

  • Chair relevant contractor meetings including the provision of meeting minutes.

  • Provision of direct project management to the contractor to ensure design intent is achieved including troubleshooting as required.

  • Undertake regular inspections inclusive of Hold and Witness Point requirements.

  • Ensure all identified non-conformances are managed and closed out accordingly.

Project Auditing

We can provide clients with qualified and experienced personnel who have worked extensively on major civil infrastructure projects and are certified (Exemplar Global) auditors for Quality, Environmental and Workplace Health and Safety (WHS). The nature of the work required includes:

  • Ensuring compliance with an internal Quality System (QS).

  • Development of quality procedures.

  • Assessing the QS of others.

  • Completing Quality, Environmental and WHS audits of large construction projects.

  • Issuing non-conformance notices and corrective action reports.

  • Implementation of a QS in the workplace.

  • Performing third party audits.

  • Maintaining quality records.

We have completed a large number of audits for high value State Government infrastructure projects including:

  • Rozelle Interchange and WHT Enabling Works.

  • Barton Highway Improvement Works Package.

  • Mona Vale Road East (Manor Road to Foley Street).

  • Upgrade to New England Highway at Bolivia Hill.

  • Pacific Highway Upgrade at Northcott Drive and Kahibah Road.

  • Princes Highway Upgrade between Berry and Bomaderry.

  • Sydney Gate Way.


We can provide a range of design services including:

  • Earthworks.

  • Road and Drainage Infrastructure.

  • Wastewater Infrastructure (gravity sewer mains and rising mains).

  • Water Supply Infrastructure (water supply mains).

  • Road Pavements.

  • Ancillary Facilities.

  • Waste Services Infrastructure.

  • Maintaining quality records.

Civil Engineering

We have a strong history and reputation in providing professional civil engineering services, with particular expertise in delivering full service projects, encompassing design, environmental assessment and project delivery. Areas of expertise include:

  • Civil design including road, drainage, earthworks and ancillary design (concept and detailed).

  • Preparation of contract documentation for infrastructure projects.

  • Complete a photographic record of the site.

  • Pavement design.

  • Road upgrade and bridge replacement preconstruction activities.

  • Economic evaluation of options.

  • Road safety audits.

  • Public consultation.

Traffic Engineering

We have extensive traffic and transport engineering experience which includes the provision of assessment of transport and traffic related impacts associated with a range of developments, including projects with State Significance, for Local and State Government, as well as for private enterprise. Examples of the type of services we can provide include:

  • Traffic and Transport Impact Assessments.

  • Road Safety Audits.

  • Strategic Planning for future road network upgrades.

  • Road Condition and Dilapidation Assessments.

  • Traffic Studies.

Structural Engineering

A thorough understanding of fabrication and construction processes can mean the difference between a job running smoothly, and headaches on site.

We offer an extensive range of asset management services including: inspections, upgrade design, and forensic investigations for when things go wrong.

Our Structural Engineers have a long track record of delivering cost effective designs that work both on paper, and in the field.

  • Bridge design.

  • Structural inspections and condition assessments.

  • Fabrication and construction quality assurance.

  • L1, L2, L3 Bridge inspections.

  • Finite element analysis.

  • Industrial structures.

  • Materials handling structures.

  • Third party reviews.

  • Forensic investigations.

Local Government Engineering

Councils can benefit from our extensive experience given that a number of our professional team members have been previously employed by Councils and continue to be engaged by Councils given they are familiar with Council requirements and standards. This gives us an advantage in that we understand:

Constraints faced by local government engineers and construction personnel.

The need to maximize the “bang for your buck” with infrastructure projects.

How Council’s operate.

  • Engineering support.

  • Project Management.

  • Environmental services.

  • L1, L2, L3 Bridge inspections.

  • Tender and Contract Administration.

  • Road and civil infrastructure design services.

  • Development of strategic plans and plans of management.

  • Quality and Integrated Management system development.

Drone Services

Using photogrammetry with Aeropoints ground control, we can offer a range of drone services including:

  • Provision of Digital Files

    We can provide a range of digital files to suit your projects needs including aerial imagery, 3D textured maps, digital surface and terrain models and contour lines. With the use of Aeropoints ground control, each of these digital files can be accurately georeferenced.

  • Preliminary Design

    By deploying our drone services, we can quickly digitize an area of interest. Coupled with our design team, we can rapidly develop concept designs (including volume estimates) for roads, bridges and site drainage to enable us to prepare feasibility studies, grant applications and options analysis.

  • Earthworks and Stockpile Volume Estimation

    We can quickly deploy our drone into the field and capture an image of earthworks and stockpiles, enabling us to provide estimation of volumes. By completing further surveys over time, we can calculate, and report on extracted volumes and stockpile volume changes.

  • Aeropoints Ground Control

    With the use of Aeropoints, we can accurately gather ground control point data in the field without the need for third party surveyors or traffic control. This enables us to deliver georeferenced digital files with a high degree of accuracy.

Road Safety Audits

Constructive Solutions has both level 3 (Lead) and level 2 auditors on staff. We provide the following types of Road Safety Audits:


  • Strategic design
  • Concept design
  • Detailed design

  • Finalisation
  • Existing road

  • Roadworks
  • Pre-opening

Our staff have an extensive knowledge in the requirements of RSAs, having been involved in the development of infrastructure from all facets of road design, to construction surveillance and maintenance, giving our staff a unique understanding of road safety.

Environmental Assessments

We can provide clients with Environmental Services including the preparation of:

  • Environmental Impact Statements.

  • Statements of Environmental Effects Reports.

  • Environmental Management Plans.

  • Reviews of Environmental Factors Reports.

  • Environmental Audits.

  • Environmental Site Assessment Reports.

Additional services include site inspections to ensure compliance with project environmental management plans and any associated erosion and sedimentation control plans.
We have completed Environmental Services for projects located in sensitive environmental areas such as adjacent to National Parks and where threatened and vulnerable species are present as well as major infrastructure projects including bridge construction/ replacement, road construction including main street upgrades, major drainage projects, quarries, waste management facilities and rail projects.
Our personnel have also been selected to perform the role of the Independent Environmental Management Representative on major infrastructure projects.
Our environmental scientists and environmental engineers complement our civil team to deliver all aspects of infrastructure projects in house.

Waste Management

CSPL has extensive experience in the delivery of all types of waste management infrastructure facilities. CSPL has capability to undertake project development and support from site selection through to acceptance of waste and end of life rehabilitation.

This experience is demonstrated via involvement and delivery of numerous waste infrastructure projects. CSPL can undertake a range of professional support functions and assist with any of the following:

  • Site Selection and Investigation.

  • Regulatory Approvals.

  • Preparation of Funding applications.

  • Quality Insurance Reporting.

  • Landfill operations advice.

  • Feasibility Studies and Cost Estimates.

  • Procurement assistance for construction and specialist services.

  • Community Consultation and Stakeholder Engagement.

  • Construction Supervision.

  • Landfill Closure Planning.


Constructive Solutions have a strong track record in providing services to the renewable energy sector. Our Services include:

  • Route assessments.

  • Traffic Impact Assessments.

  • Environmental Representative Service.

  • Construction and Operational Management Plans.

  • Dilapidation studies.

  • Design Services.

  • Road Safety Audits.

  • Equator Principles Compliance Reports.

Constructive Solutions has had experience with a range of renewable projects including the Moree Solar Farm (providing Environmental Representative services for its construction and initial operation) and the Liverpool Ranges Windfarm. The Liverpool Ranges Windfarm project is a State Significant Project with a project value approaching $2b. Constructive Solutions’s role has been to assist the Proponent in managing their road transport obligations by assessing existing infrastructure, developing designs, and liaising with road authorities to ensure that the Project meets road authority requirements for normal construction traffic and Oversize Overmass loads such as for transformers and blade trucks. Constructive Solutions have been involved in the early approvals phase for the Tillbuster Solar Farm and involved in the route assessment for the White Rock Wind Farm.